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When your facility requires a high level of access control, look no further than Robert I.


We are your single source for the design and installation of security access control systems.


We can come and perform a complete system evaluation and design of your new or existing facility and provide you with a comprehensive access control plan. 



We will support you with our installation and implementation services and with post-inst

allation maintenance and support. 


We offer

  • Multiple,


  • Networked Door Entry Systems,


  • Integrated Access Control Systems


Stand Alone Digital Entry Systems  

  • Keypads,
  • Proximity Access,
  • Locksets  








  • Bioread finger access

Replacement Media

  • Proximity Cards and
  • Magnetic Strips

Robert I. Merrill is your answer to meeting all your security needs! 

There's more to security than just buying the products. If you want a complete access control system, Robert I. Merrill can determine your needs and select a system that will provide a long term solution for your business. Whether it is a new or an existing facility, we will be there to help you with the complete system design, with the right products, and with ongoing support.  Each of our products can be made to be ADA and ANSI compliant.                    

Exit Control and Exit Control Hardware
We have everything you may need:  Motion sensors, Exit and Key Switches, Exit Key Alarms, Request for Exit Devices, Lock Control Panels, Door Alert Mechanisms, Door Prop Alarms, Relays and Timers, Sensor Bars, Electric Hinges, Door Cords, and Electric Power Transfers.
Electric Strikes
 A strike is used with a latch lock and is designed to be actuated by a remotely controlled electromagnet to permit the door to be opened without retracting the latch. Strikes can be 12 or 24 or even higher voltage and they may take AC or DC current and some even take both. They may be fail safe or fail secure.  Contact us to determine which strikes would work best for your situation.
Telephone Entry Systems
We offer telephone entry systems that are provided with full-featured access control, including keyless entry and panic functions. They are exceptionally easy to operate, making it ideal for a wide range of applications.       
Industrial Security Entry Systems

We carry and can install Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) Systems, Intercom Systems, and Intrusion Detection Systems.

Badge and Visitor Badge Systems

We can help you manage your visitor traffic data, support your reception desk security requirements, while providing you the means to print quality visitor badges.


We are affiliated with the top access control vendors

Contact Us Today for your new access control system!



We will assist you in providing this total security solution in an economical and practical way. 

Let us help you meet these needs today. We can provide you with peace of mind.