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Minimize risk at your facility with proper authorization and credentials for access into buildings or rooms easily with electronic locks.

No more fumbling with mechanical keys. Electronic door locks and key card systems are quickly becoming the best way to secure a company, a hospital, or a school. Picture multiple buildings with many doors and openings with varying security needs. Investing in access control systems means simplifying security while at the same time making it more secure by efficiently granting or restricting access to a certain area. Electronic door locks offer a range of system options to fit most needs that can span multiple facilities and thousands of doors.

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Access cards have many different names. There are prox cards, swipe cards, and fobs; you may have also heard of magnetic cards, RFID cards, and even simple ID cards. A key card is a security token that grants you access through electrically-powered doors. These systems require a key card reader (installed on the door) and you gain access by either tapping your card on the reader (proximity reader), swiping it (swipe reader), or inserting it (insert reader). With a good system, the whole process takes less than a second to unlock the door.

A good option for almost any type or size of company is a cloud-based access control. Maximize efficiency by simply granting access to individuals or groups for selected locks and time frames. See who goes where and when. Enjoy the flexibility, scalability, reliability, and the ability to manage access from anywhere, anytime, from the website or mobile app. With real-time features such as lock down, door positions, and immediate credential updates, along with no longer worrying about tracking a certain key down, it's no wonder this is quickly becoming the go to for schools and hospitals.

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