Commercial Automatic Doors

Handicap accessible doors are crucial for commercial buildings.

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Accessible door openings for all people is essential in public places. Whether for the elderly, disabled, or otherwise incapable of opening heavy doors, automatic doors that open with a push of a button, or wave of the hand, is a must to allow quick and easy access to a building.

This is where automatic door operators come in. Automatic door openings vary according to need and door type, but the basic intention of an operator is to control both the opening and closing motion of the door. Operators should be silent, subtle, stylish, and most importantly, durable, low maintenance, and ready for high traffic or heavy duty use.

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Door Operators

Whether you are looking for a slide, bi-fold, revolving, swing, low energy, or high energy operator, we can get what you need to become ADA compliant. In new builds or retrofitted into existing doors, we are known for our ability to install automatic door operators in complex openings where integration with non-standard door hardware and card access are needed. We can transform almost any manual door into an automatic swing door.

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Operator Accessories

What first comes to mind when you think about automatic doors? Probably the operator accessories you interact with - usually a silver button or switch you push. Options include the typical activation push switch, narrow vestibule switches, wave to open switches for a hands free environment, motion sensors, receivers & transmitters, low profile push plates, or a switch post (where a wall is not available). We can help you know which is best for your commercial space.

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