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Annual Show Training Schedule - 2017


Our Annual Show is coming up!

Make sure you register for informative training on Tuesday, April 25th!

And don't miss our Trade Show, a great place for networking, on April 26th!


Go to Eventbrite to preregister by April 21st, for a chance to win a 55" HD Smart TV!!


Class Schedule

Classes starting at 8:00 – 9:00am                                                 

Room A

ADA Codes by Hager:

Unless you know everything there is to know about the ADA code, you should attend this class with the rest of us. Come learn how doors and hardware are affected by the code and what you must do to keep them compliant.


Room B                (2 Hour Class)

Life Safety and Integrated Door Security Systems by Detex:

Make your life easier and more secure! With an option to meet every need, the folks at Detex are prepared to keep you engaged on a two hour journey that will be an instructive exercise in problem solving all of your security needs. Delayed egress, auto operators, electrified panics, door prop alarms, exit alarms, and much, much more will be covered.


Room C

Servicing Closers & Exit Devices by Allegion:

Intimidated by vertical rod panics? Have you ever had trouble getting a door closer adjusted just right? You aren’t alone! This training will simplify the process and put your mind to ease. In this class you will learn about different types of closers and panic devices as well as the best practices on installing and servicing them.


Room D               (2 Hour Class)

Best Small Format Interchangeable Core Master Keying by Stanley:

Master key systems and pinning can be one of the most daunting aspects in our trade, but our Stanley friends are here to show us the way. This hands-on class features topics ranging from pinning cores, master key system theory, cross-keying, punching keys, calculating pin segments, and troubleshooting tips. Come get your hands dirty and learn what it takes to key a Best core.


Room E               

The Complete Guide to Electric Strikes: Hardware, basic systems, electricity, codes, installation & applications by DormaKaba:

Come and learn about electrified hardware and hardware basics, frames and doors, electronics, codes and listings. We’ll cover the process of strike/maglock  selection, through installation; once a strike is installed, that installer will “own” that door opening for life, and at some point will probably be called back to troubleshoot the installation. Participants will gain enough knowledge to help them be prepared for the most common situations that may occur with installation. Discussion will include installation of a strike and then participants will watch/perform an actual cut-in on a metal frame, if times allows.

Classes starting at 9:00 – 10:00am

Room A              

Protect Your Doors by Trimco:

Carts, gurneys, hand trucks, pallet jacks, and impatient Jazzy wheelchairs are doors’ natural enemies. Come and learn ways to protect and extend the life of your existing doors. The options are many, aesthetic, and effective. Your doors will thank you.


Room C

Code Jeopardy by Allegion:

Let us help you understand and adhere to specific door related codes for the city, state, and region in which you are working.  This codes course is delivered in an interactive game-format, covering topics such as ADA as well as fire and life safety codes.


Room E              

Blow Them Up, Shoot Them Up & Keep Them Out By Surelock McGill:

Whether you are looking for bullet resistant door solutions, blast resistant solutions, or just better ways to secure the back door at your facility, Surelock McGill has a solution for you. Their products provide protection against extreme levels of physical attack, forced entry, blast, ballistics, windstorm and corrosion. Surelock McGill is familiar with securing critical facilities, sensitive sites, and national infrastructure. Come learn about what they can do for you.


Room F               

Low Voltage Electricity for Installers by ASSA Abloy:

Come learn in an interactive format the fundamentals of installing electronic door hardware from the industry leader, ASSA Abloy. ASSA Abloy is the manufacturer of premier brands such as HES, Adams Rite, Securitron, Sargent and Corbin Russwin. Learn best practices when installing low voltage electric strikes, power supplies, power transfers, and more.


Classes starting at 10:00 – 11:00am

 Room A

Wood Doors 101 (Back to the Basics) by Oshkosh Door Company:

Come learn the basics of wood doors. There is much more to a commercial wood door than just wood! This class will address the different types of wood doors, how wood doors are constructed, different options for different applications, fire rating requirements, LEED requirements, and much more.


Room B

Keying Basics by Robert I. Merrill Company:

This beginner class will focus on the basics of keying cylinders and building master keying systems. Whether you want to learn how to key locks yourself, or just gain an understanding of the principles, you won’t regret attending.


Room C

AlarmLock Wireless Access System-in-a-Box by AlarmLock:

Discover the options made available by Trilogy’s Networx Wireless Access System. We’ll cover the Trilogy T2 line expansion, PDL6100 Networx, GEN 2 Gateway, HID Cards and the DL Windows Software. Trilogy Networx eliminates door-to-door programming and is ideal for retro-fit or new installations. Learn about Networx features including Group and Account access management, Audit Trail and Global Lockdown. All attendees will learn about additional product support services and Professional Training options that are available in the field or on-line and receive a complete AlarmLock Product catalog.


Room D

Shelter by Best:

Come learn about Stanley Best’s newly launched solution for quickly locking down your doors in the event of an emergency. As the trend is quickly being adopted by many of our schools to combat an active shooter situation, many other places of business are realizing that they too could face a similar risk.  Shelter is a unique product that combines code-compliant mechanical hardware with proven electronic technologies to create a simple and affordable option for securing your facility.


Room E

Electrifying your Existing Hardware by Command Access:

This class will be a hands-on lesson on the best ways to electrify your existing door hardware. As access control becomes more and more common, you are often faced with the challenge of adding electronic security to your existing doors. Come get your hands dirty and learn industry best practices for making this happen.


Room F

Fire Doors by ASSA Abloy:

Whether you are required to annually inspect your fire doors or you simply crave more information, come learn what is required of a fire-rated opening. Industry leaders will teach all aspects of fire-rated openings from the frame, to the door, hardware, and installation.

Class starting at 11:00 – 12:00pm

Room  - Main Auditorium

Common Door and Hardware Adjustments by Robert I. Merrill Company:

Troubleshooting a problematic door can be a simple process of deduction with the proper tools and tricks of the trade. Using a “top-down” perspective we will show you how to evaluate a door opening and determine the best way to fix it. We will cover various techniques on assessing basic hardware performance for hinges, exit devices, and closers. We’ll talk about shimming doors, jamb cut-offs, and frame reinforcements for various hardware. We’ll then address swinging the door, closing the door, and latching the door. Then, as an encore, we’ll show you some simple adjustments that will you get the door back to its peak performance.  By regularly maintaining the door hardware, it can add to the life of the door opening and help keep your costs down. We’ll go through the things you can do yourself, as well as field-fixes our technicians can help you with.  This class will be instructed by Robert I. Merrill Company’s best and brightest.


Lunch provided following the classes



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