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AirAccess by Alarm Lock

Air Access Cellular-Based Access Control SystemEasy Air Access Ecosystem

Today, security is a more important concern for
every business.

Thankfully, Now You Can Get Better
Security, More Conveniently but with;

  • No Big Distractions
  • No Big Investment
  • No Big Upkeep Hassles

You’ve got enough to do already.

Leave it to AirAccess and security is a breeze.

A smarter and safer business solution.

Stay in touch and in control, from anywhere.

Door Openings, Lockdown, Alarms – Get text alerts straight to your phone, as events happen.

Easy and convenient fluid access control and commercial security.
For added peace of mind.

  • It’s got an Easy App. It’ll let you and your
    staff in and out, using your phone, and no
    ID, or with your current IDs if you like.
  • It’s Security that’s Easier on You
    Did someone forget to lock the door at
    closing? No, you don’t have to go back. No,
    there’s no more key hassles: You can lock a
    door or lockdown all doors remotely, or open
    just one for that unattended nighttime delivery.
  • It’s Hosted for you, so you don’t have
    to have a big IT Department or Security
    Personnel onsite. We’ll manage all
    remotely — We can even handle the staffs’
    credentials & updates for you.
  • It’s Cellular, it won’t need to go on the
    Company network, through firewalls or bog
    anything down.
  • It’s Cloud-based, so it’s always updated to
    the latest & greatest, without your lifting
    a finger. No annual software upgrades or
    licenses. No servers, drivers or equipment.
  • It’s Neatly wireless / No downtime -
    So whether we add new access control
    locks a door at a time, or the usual ID-Card
    Readers you’ve seen, there’s virtually no
    wires, and it’s quick and easy to install. No
    muss, no fuss to contend with.
  • It’ll keep you Connected with easy text
    messages notifications 24/7, on events you
    want to know about or alarming ones you
    and managers need to see.
  • It’s very safe with Real-Time Monitoring,
    you can even have our office dispatch the
    authorities for you at any hint of trouble (as
    well as notifying you).

Low-Cost Easy-to-Afford Monthly Plan

Eliminate the need for keys & IDs with mobile credentials

Plus, stay informed with Text Alerts for the events you choose.

Stay in touch and in control, anywhere you go with the AirAccess Mobile App.

It offers a contactless solution, with no keys, ID cards or badges to carry. Plus, get customized Text Message Alerts in real-time on any smart device 24/7, plus optional central station monitoring & emergency dispatch.

Be informed and in control from anywhere
• Get Text Message Alerts on any alarming
event, in real-time (sent to you &/or those you want in the loop)
• Manage & control doors, and initiate a lockdown in seconds from any smart device
• Add and delete cards or users (or we can do it for you)
• On-Demand AirAccess Reports, e.g., employee comings and goings, by user, date and time; invalid ID attempts, forced doors, alarm events, etc.

Mobile Credentials
Pickup the pace, with mobile credentials, there’s no more wasting time searching for lost keys or rekeying - The phone is the key on our sleekest designer access locks or #1-Rated ruggedized, vandal-proof ones. AirAccess allows for just a few, or thousands of users, that can each be easily managed with the AirAccess Mobile App.

AirAccess is a trademark of Alarm Lock/Napco Security Technologies. Preliminary specifications subject to change. © Napco 6.2021 ALA539

For more information please visit or contact someone on our amazing Sales Team 801.263.2700

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