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Are Your Doors Suffering Without Caps?

Introducing Trimco's new DC050 Door Cap!

These durable, heavy-duty Door Cap’s are flexible to work in just about any application and are perfect to reinforce your doors for long time use.

Trimco door cap

  • Heavy-duty door cap for use with flush bolts and concealed vertical rod exit devices.
  • Reinforces doors (top and/or bottom) damaged from high use and abuse.
  • Durable .050" stainless steel, brass or bronze construction.
  • Can be produced to work with any manufactures flush bolts or concealed vertical rod devices.
  • Easy installation requires no special tools or removal of the hardware from the door.
  • Can be surface mounted or thru-bolted.
  • For use with both beveled and non-beveled doors.
door cap trimco
For more information, contact us or visit Trimco's site for DC050 Door Caps.
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