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How to Adjust MM3 Latch

How to adjust the Command Access MM3 Latch


Steps to adjusting the MM3 latch adjustment ("Push-to-Set") are quick and easy with no tools needed, but an assistant can be helpful.

Reasons to adjust the MM3 are:

  • Push-pad isn't sitting correctly - is retracted with the lodge bolt hanging out
  • Push-pad is loose and there is movement


MM3 Adjustment:

1.   Press the push-pad in with your hands and hold it to the new and desired location.

MM3 Latch adjustment

 2.  Have assistant apply power (while you are still holding the push pad) and wait for a series of 6 beeps.

MM3 Latch adjustment

3.  Wait for 6 beeps to finish, let go of the push-pad.

 MM3 Latch adjustment

4.   Have your assistant release the power & push-pad will re-fire and set in its new location without anymore movement.

 MM3 Latch adjustment


 MM3 Diagnostics:

2 Continuous Beeps = Over-voltage, over 31V.

  • Readjust your power supply to the operating range which is between 22 – 30V.

3 Continuous Beeps = Under-voltage, under 20V.

  • Readjust your power supply to the operating range which is between 22 – 30V.

5 Continuous Beeps = Forced release (push-pad has been knocked out of place).

  • Device will automatically re-fire.

6 Continuous Beeps = Unplugged/Switch wires are not making contact.

  • Unplug power.
  • Check connection and make sure all wires are connected and pinned correctly.
  • Reconnect power.
  • Hold push pad down and re-fire to new location.

7 Continuous Beeps = Push pad can’t re-fire due to an obstruction.

  • Remove obstruction and make sure push pad moves freely again.
  • Hold push pad down until beeping stops.
  • Release and re-fire.


We hope these steps help you adjust and diagnose your MM3 module quickly and efficiently.

If you need any further demonstration, please refer to this video on MM3 Adjustment & Diagnostics.


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