Do Your Lockers Need Updating?

Looking for a quick, economical, and reliable way to make your old lockers better than new?

Hadrian’s replacement fronts can do just the trick!

Hadrian front replacement locker

Quick & Easy Installation

Install in two, easy steps!

  • First, simply remove the existing door, hinges, and any other components that are part of the frame.
  • Second, fasten the Hadrian replacement front directly to the old frame with self-drilling screws.

Bonus: Existing locker bodies are utilized, thus eliminating the possibility of damage to tiling, pipe- work, dry wall, etc.


Economical Alternative

Hadrian’s replacement front lockers are an ideal, effective, and economical alternative to a complete locker tear-out and new locker installation.

Bonus: There is no need to shut down the school to renovate.


Reliable Solution

Hadrian’s replacement front offers the full impact resistance and “silent operation” benefits of Hadrian’s heavy-duty double pan, honeycomb filled doors.

Bonus: The replacement front “re-faces” most other brands of lockers making it not only reliable but versatile too.


* Hadrians’ replacement fronts are available for single or double tier lockers with two available heights (72”, 60”) and four available widths (10”, 12”, 15”, 18”).


Available at Robert Merrill Company. Contact us today.