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Less Hand Contact With This Easy Change

 Architectural Door Accessories for Hands-Free Door Pulls from Rockwood.

Arm Door Pull

Today’s environment requires less contact with surfaces that are commonly touched to help reduce
the transmission of germs. A hands-free door opening can minimize a multitude of skin-to-surface
touchpoints throughout the day.

Rockwood arm and foot pulls are easy, cost-effective options for hands-free door operation in new and
pre-existing aluminum, metal or wood openings, such as entrances, corridors and restrooms.


Foot Pulls - open the door with your foot two ways.

1. Place your foot on the top grip and pull the door open.
2. Put your toe underneath and pull the door towards you.

Foot Pull for Doors

Arm Pulls - A variety of easy options and ways to open a door.

Arm pulls can be used the traditional way by pulling on the grip or an arm can be hooked underneath or around, for a no-touch solution.

Arm Pull for Doors

Door Arm Pulls

Simple, cost-effective solutions to fit today's world.

Contact us or see more over at Rockwood.

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