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Mountain View Hospital Expansion

Mountain View Hospital opened its newly expanded and renovated emergency department on Friday, November 14, and Robert I. Merrill Co. was delighted to be awarded the opportunity to provide the doors for this new expansion.

At more than 10,000 square feet, the emergency department is now more than double its previous size. The room count has increased by 50 percent which now totals 15 rooms, and additional rooms can be opened when needed.

The department now features many new rooms such as: secure fast-track triage rooms, two large trauma rooms, pediatric-friendly rooms and a bereavement room; unique psychiatric care rooms with lock-down capability, and an isolation room for infectious disease control.

Robert I. Merrill Co. was very please to provide the perfect commercial doors for each of these new rooms that will allow Mountain View Hospital’s team to navigate in and out smoothly and provide patients with more privacy.

mountain view hospital renovation doors

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