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Stop Tripping on Doorstops

Introducing Trimco's new Fantom Doorstops!

Unlike conventional door stops today, the Fantom Premium Doorstop does not pose a trip hazard due to its innovative flush finish and non-protruding pin. The Fantom Premium Doorstop also has a concealed finish, with the strike fitted underneath the door, there is no unsightly hardware on display. The Fantom Premium Doorstop is innovative, cost effective, and suitable for many commercial  applications.

Fantom Doorstop

  • Architecturally pleasing design with minimum hardware visible
  • Optional hold-open feature
  • Magnetic device with a rare earth magnet
  • Flush mounted mechanical door stop
  • No trip hazard
  • Streamlined modern finish
  • Suitable for single and double leaf doors

Trimco Fantom

Door Stop

Commercial Doorstop


  • Nurseries & Pre-Schools
  • Commercial & Industrial Buildings
  • Hospitality
  • Hospitals & Health Care Facilities
  • Manufacturing Facilities

Find out more about Trimco's Fantom Doorstops and feel free to contact us today!

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