Commercial Door Hinges

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Hang Onto Your Hinges

Door hardware doesn't get any more basic, and simultaneously complex, than hinges. From discerning hinge locations and swing, to deciding which commercial grade variety is right for your opening, what is best for exterior/interior doors, not to mention getting that perfect installation, this simple piece of hardware is suddenly more complicated than it appears.

But have no fear. Our wide selection of commercial hinges covers standard butt hinges, continuous aluminum hinges, spring hinges, ball bearing hinges, to pivot hinges, heavy duty hinges, decorative hinges, and more.

Our consultants are more than happy to help you get the right one today.

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Standard Butt Hinge

Your basic selection of butt hinges includes full mortise hinges, full surface hinges, half mortise hinges, and half surface hinges.

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Specialty Hinges

We also have specialty hinges like the above swing clear hinge. Swing clear hinges allows the door to swing clear of the opening so wide objects can pass through without causing damage to the door, frame, or object itself.

pivot hinge
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Pivot Hinges

Commercial pivot doors stand out for their unique swing with no regular frame hinges needed. Instead, pivot hinges are used at the top and bottom of the door, using gravity to it's advantage to open. Pivots come in sets, or as a top, bottom, reinforcing pivot, standard or heavy duty, and more.

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Decorative Hinges

Plain, old hinges work just fine, but did you know you can elevate every aspect of your doorway, including stunning hinges? Available in multiple materials and finishes such as chrome, black, black suede, nickel, and bronze.

It's all in the details with options like decorative flat, round, grooved, or lined tips, split finishes, and even square barrels for a clean, modern look.

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 Concealed Hinges

Beautifully disguised hinges keep your aesthetic clean, polished, and minimalist down to every detail, while giving your door the support it needs.

Our Brands:


produces a variety of American made steel hinges.


specializes in hinges but offers other door hardware as well.


premium-quality building hardware and accessories.


manufacturer of architectural grade continuous hinges and edge guards.


specializes in hinges, with electric or decorative hinges available.


specializes in door accessories like weatherstripping, brush seals, astragals, lites and louvers, and more.


makes innovative commercial hinges.


offers a complete range of door hardware.