Commercial Door Stops

Keep your doors from hitting the wall.

Overhead Door Stop
architectural base stop
rolling wall bumper commercial

Door stops are small but important.

Without a stop, doors may slam or hit a wall, leaving a mark and possibly damaging your door.

A door holder can also help hold your door open for easy accessibility and crowds.

commercial door stop
magnetic door holder
floor stops

We have a wide selection of stops and holders available including wall holders, kick down holders, overhead stops and holders, magnetic holders, wall bumpers, floor stops, base stops, and more.

You have your choice of type, design, and finish to work with both metal or wood doors.

architectural wall bumper
Commercial Door Kick
Commercial Wall Bumper for doors

Our Brands:

Architectural Builders Hardware

manufactures holders & stops, latches, pivots, strikes, flush bolts, and more.


offers architectural hardware accessories.


specializes in hinges but offers other door hardware as well.


premium-quality building hardware and accessories.


makes door pulls, push and pull bars, stops and bolts, kick plates, and door trim hardware.


offers door hardware including push/pull plates & bars, and latching/locking.