Plastic Restroom Partitions

Plastic Laminate

Plastic has many different types of laminates to choose from with up to 50 shades to choose from.

Solid Plastic (HDPE)

Solid plastic partitions are manufactured of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) resins with same color throughout and smooth, machined edges. The aluminum heat sink strip at bottom edges of doors and panels is a standard construction feature. They are designed for high-traffic public facilities, parks and schools. Solid Plastic is the material of choice where low maintenance and durability are required. Its lightly textured finish hides the effect of vandalism.

Solid Plastic is attractive as well as environmentally safe and sanitary. It is completely water resistant, unaffected by steam, high humidity and corrosive environments. It is mildew, rust, graffiti and impact resistant. Commercial cleaning agents may be used without fear of damaging the surface. 100% recyclable.

New Trends

Privacy in the bathroom is a current hot topic. Say good bye to "hiny hiders," and hello to the new length of partitions.

New trends are for partitions to have longer doors, no gaps, and concealed hinges.

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