Wood Stile and Rail Commercial Doors

It's all in the details.

Stile and Rail wood doors are known for being charming, warm, and beautiful - they never go out of style.

Available in many standard layouts and profiles, stile and rail doors always give a classic and elegant look to any commercial interior, but can be designed to work in traditional or contemporary interiors.

A variety of glass panel options, fire ratings, sound ratings, and bullet resistant ratings are available as well.

Stile and Rail Wood Door

The vast array of wood species, staining, priming, complex or simple designs, and use of glass gives you endless options to get creative and make your Stile and Rail doors stand out compared to a plain wood door.

However, the correct size of hardware should be considered with Stile and Rail doors for proper fit and function.

Stile and Rail doors are also proven to a practical choice for sound reduction, fire-rating, and high-traffic applications.

Wood Door Stile and Rail

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