Wood and Glass Barn Door Utah

Our priority is to provide you with superior door and hardware products from dependable brands, offer customizable door options, and hassle-free solutions to any opening you have.

There is much more to commercial doors than first meets the eye. Type, size, fit, function, design, and installation all contribute to the success of a perfect door. And while man doors are often overlooked when it comes to quality, the right door and hardware can significantly elevate your commercial, industrial, institutional, healthcare, or office space in many ways.

First, design and aesthetics have power to impress customers, guests, and employees. Doors are often forgotten in the impact they can have in a interior room or exterior entrance. We want to help you get doors that make people say, "Wow!"

But a great looking door is nothing without function. Quality products and proper install gives you a door that works to its peak performance to provide security, privacy, and even protection from the elements, so you don't have to worry about it.

The good news is you can have all that and more through Robert I. Merrill Company.