Fire Rated Commercial metal Doors

More than just a heavy door.

Fire doors have two main duties should a fire emergency occur: provide a barrier to stop the spread of smoke and fire; provide more time and a safe means of escape for anyone inside. Fire doors save lives, limits property damage, and they are also required in numerous commercial buildings.

Fire ratings are available from 20 minutes through 3 hours. Only steel doors deliver up to a 3 hour rating. Multiple factors determine what category of fire door should be used for different openings to stay in accordance to code guidelines. 

We can get you a correctly labeled rated door, so you don't have to worry about it.

You don't want to mess around with fire doors.

It is also very important to only install fire rated hardware and fire rated glass onto a fire door, or else the door could lose it's rating. Other modifications can lose it's rating as well, so let the professionals (like us) do it.

We have Certified Fire and Egress Door Inspectors (CFDAI) on staff to help!

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