Hollow Metal Door Frames

Strong. Understated. The real MVP of every opening.

How many commercial door frames do you walk through every day?

More than you think! Most people don't give much thought to door frames even though they are a vital part to every doorway.  And, most people don't give a second thought where commercial steel door frames come from. That's what we're here for. Hollow Metal frames are one of our specialties.

Our Hollow Metal door frames are the highest level of value and performance you can get in Utah.

Whether you need a standard welded door frame, knock down frame, radius frame, gabled frame, angled frame, or an oversized door frame - we can help.

We can help you determine what door frame is right for your opening. Several factors play into the right door frame: wall thickness, wall type, and type of door and swing, for example. The correct frame will help your opening work perfectly.

Looking for something custom? Our Hollow Metal shop can custom fabricate just about anything or size you need.

Our Brands: