Commercial Kick Plates

door kick plate commercial

Picture scratches, scuffing, and dents on your beautiful doors. No thanks!

Protection plates, or simply called kick plates, are designed to protect the bottom of your door from the daily wear and tear of busy doorways. Many finishes and sizes are available to fit any door, exterior or interior.

Kick plates also add a decorative element to doors to complete a desired aesthetic effect.

commerical kick plate

 Ensure your doors last for years without wear and tear with armor plates, kick plates, stretcher plates, or mop plates.

Our Brands:


offers architectural hardware accessories.


makes door pulls, push and pull bars, stops and bolts, kick plates, and door trim hardware.


offers door hardware including push/pull plates & bars, and latching/locking.


offers a wide selection of protection plates, including mop plates, kick plates, stretcher plates and armor plates.