Commercial Push & Pull bars

Great for glass doors or exterior entrances.

Glass Door handles hardware

Push & Pull hardware can be the finishing touch to your doors.

Simple and sleek, it doesn’t get much easier than these to use, install, and incorporate into a design. They are a great choice for high traffic areas and accessible to all. Push & Pull hardware is often used on glass doors, sliding doors, and entry doors in almost any type of building.

You can choose between pulls, pull plates, pull bars, push plates, push bars, and push & pull bar sets.

Do you want to make a strong first impression? Decorative pull designs are also available!

Push Pulls for Commercial Doors

The clean lines, classic style, and practical design of our available push and pull hardware, combined with quality and affordability, means your search for push or pull door hardware is over.

Perfect for schools, hospitals, commercial, government, and industrial buildings.

Glass Door Hardware Push Pulls

Foot Pulls and Arm Pulls

There is more than one way to open a door. Foot pulls and arm pulls are a great hands-free door operation option. Touch less surfaces with your hands and simply open the door with a pull - just in a new way.

Don’t forget about barn door hardware!

You need contemporary hardware to go with your contemporary door.  Stylish and sturdy hardware options are available for your sliding door pull. Check out our barn door hardware page for more info here.

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