Acoustic STC doors To Soundproof Your Space

Built for silence.

Acoustic Doors Medical Office

Wood and metal acoustical doors are great options in environments where sound control is a top consideration when selecting a door. Busy streets, disruptive machines, or loud conversations are just a few of the reasons why a sound controlling door is worth it.

Professional and healthcare environments require noise levels to be maintained to keep working conditions and privacy to a high standard. It can be difficult to focus in a loud office, or have a confidential conversation with a doctor if you are nervous about being overhead. In these circumstances, it is critical to keep acoustics in mind and select a door that can help reduce noise to an acceptable degree.

Acoustic Door Salt Lake Utah

All STC ratings are based on operable unit testing, which is an accurate real-world evaluation of the door’s sound reduction capabilities. For environments requiring higher sound transmission specs, we can help you find the right acoustically rated STC door for your space.

Facilities including airports, healthcare, hospitality, government/military, municipal buildings, theaters, and auditoriums are a few examples when acoustic doors would be a perfect choice.

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