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Can't Beat this Exit Device

Weatherized Exit Device from Detex!

Access control applications for outdoor gates typically employ a magnetic lock to secure and temporarily unlock the gate, allowing authorized personnel through the opening.  Because all magnetic locks are fail safe, during a power outage, the gate is no longer locked and this can cause a security issue with some locations.

But now, Detex offers a Weatherized Electric Latch Retraction Exit Device that can be applied to gates, providing secure locking for exterior access control applications.

The Detex 10xERxW is a wonderful solution for your next outdoor access control application.  Although the power supply must be installed in either a acclimatized area or inside a NEMA enclosure, the Weatherized Electric Latch Retraction Exit Device will stand up to driving rain, salt fog, dust and other outdoor elements.

Exterior Exit Device
Detex Exit Device
Don't let weather cost you more money! Get this Detex Exit Device today from Robert Merrill Company.
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