Security Doors For Schools And Government Protection

Doors and frames are the backbone of any security solution.

The intent of security doors are to delay access to an attacker and suppress unauthorized entry until first responders can arrive. Several options are available to keep schools, universities, healthcare, government buildings, and secure facilities safe.

Attack Resistant Doors for Schools

Attack Resistant Doors

Attack resistant doors have been tested according to the 5-aa10 test standards based on the FBI’s Active Shooter Report to set standards for forced entry for new construction, specifically hollow metal doors, frames, hardware, structures and systems. Although these openings are not intended to be bullet resistant, these doors will remain intact and not weaken if shot and brutally attacked for a minimum of 4 minutes. This extra time keeps occupants safe until first responders can neutralize the threat.

Forced Entry Bullet Resistant Doors

Forced entry bullet resistant doors provide 15 minutes of protection! Combining ballistic and forced entry resistance with advanced materials is the solution to elevated threats such as "mob" attacks in buildings where the highest level of protection and durability is a must.

Blast Resistant Doors

Providing extra protection against explosions and excessive force, blast resistant openings meet or exceed the stringent manufacturing and performance requirements of the Department of Defense, Department of State, Department of Homeland Security and other regulatory groups.

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