Sliding Barn Doors for Commercial Offices in Utah

Sliding barn doors are ideal for any type of business - healthcare, educational, or institutional applications.

Take care of business and get a better use of space and ease of access with sliding barn doors. Plus, get a modern look with a variety of door styles, finishes, and hardware available to compliment any space.

Slding Barn Doors Commercial

Save Space

Sliding door’s top hung system allows you to maximize space with minimal opening and closing effort and no floor tracks or thresholds. Sliding doors work well where the intent is to have a large opening that invites occupants into a space. When privacy is desired for collaboration, private meetings or simple noise control, the doors can also be easily closed to create separation.

Sliding doors have a much smaller footprint than swinging doors that require a significant amount of space for their swing.

Sliding Doors Office Glass

Create Private Spaces

Interior sliding barn doors, or hanging doors, are ideal for separating a large space into smaller private areas. Office settings can be separated into meeting rooms, collaboration rooms, or individual offices. Sliding doors are also ideal for clinics, patient rooms, emergency rooms, or patient restrooms in healthcare applications, so you get the most form and function of each space needed.

Sliding Barn Doors Healthcare and Hospital

Enhance Décor

Sliding barn doors can add a strong aesthetic statement to the modern office environment. You can choose from metal, wood, plastic laminate, and other materials to accent or create the tone of the space. You can choose between many options of door hardware, finishes and materials to fit either classic and contemporary styles.

Sliding doors in general are an aesthetic upgrade and draw attention to their unique use in a space.

Sliding Doors Commercial

We also supply commercial sliding barn door hardware.

Please note we do NOT do residential.

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