Commercial Door Thresholds For All Types of openings

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What is a threshold?

Door thresholds bridge the gap between two surfaces underneath a doorway. Threshold's helps to insulate for weather and moisture, provides a barrier for extreme temperatures, and makes an easy transition onto uneven floors for wheelchair access, etc.

saddle threshold half saddle threshold panic saddle threshold
thermal threshold heavy duty threshold

Types of Thresholds

Saddle Thresholds are designed to seal the bottom of a doorway with a symmetrical panel.

Half Saddle/Offset Saddle Thresholds are used for irregular floor surfaces, such as carpet or tile only on one side of the doorway.

Panic Saddle Thresholds work in conjunction with surface applied vertical rod exit devices. They also provide a door stop and seal.

Thermal Barrier Thresholds eliminate the transfer of hot or cold temperatures under the door.

Heavy Duty Threshold

is ideal for high-traffic and high weight bearing applications because of it's thick, durable construction.

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